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P series (IP50) push pull connector plastic circular IP50 indoor used with very low cost

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P (IP50) series plastic circular connectors are widely used in medical electronics, testing, industry, consumer electronics and other industries, especially in the medical electronics industry, this product can basically be said to be a widely used standard product. P series products have the advantages of light weight, low cost, and quick plugging and unplugging.

P series products can be delivered quickly. Normally, the lead time is less than 7 days, and its cost is only about one-third of the metal series, which can save more costs for customers.

Sample status: Available
Lead time: Within 1 week (In stock products).
How to buy: Send email to our customer service team :, we would reply you in 24hours.
Shipment term: By express delivery, door to door, normally 7~10days.

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Plastic P series products were originally developed specifically for the medical industry, and all of its product performance standards are in line with medical standards, including non-toxicity, high temperature sterilization, quick plug-in characteristics, light weight, low cost, compliance with ROHs, REACH, etc. Features. Because of these advantages, many industries are increasingly favoring this product, including industrial, test, consumer electronics, and more.

The product structure of the P series is simple and can be installed from inside and outside, ranging from 2 cores to 26 cores. The PC or PSU material shell can make the product very light and not easy to crack. The plugging life can reach at least 2000 times. Can withstand more than 200 times of high temperature steam sterilization and alcohol sterilization, corrosion resistance. The push-pull self-locking structure design can achieve quick operation in actual use, and separate the plug from the socket in an emergency. The tail of the plug can be made of different colors of injection molding material, which can make each plug easy to identify, or it can be sheathed without injection molding. P series products have a total of 4 different positioning, which can prevent mis-plugging. In addition, we have developed a disposable plug. This plug is not strictly locked. The pulling force of about 20N can separate the plug from the socket. Its cost is lower, so it is suitable for one-time use and can be discarded. Type plugs can be made in different colors.


  1. Contact number: 2~26
  2. Size:1,2,3,4(Hole size from 14.1 to 20.1mm)
  3. High density
  4. Mating cycles >2000
  5. >72Hours salt spray corrosion test
  6. Solder/PCB/Crimp terminal available
  7. Shell material: PC or PSU
  8. Contact material: brass gold plated
  9. Insulator: PPS/PEEK
  10. Temperature range:-55 ~ 250℃
  11. IP50 protection
  12. 4 kinds of coding。


P series products have many applications in adult monitors, ventilators, fetal monitoring, portable medical equipment, and consumer electronics.

First of all, the exquisite appearance design of the P series products is in line with the design concept of these high-end products, and also in line with the high quality requirements of these products. At the same time, the cost of the P series can be used in some products that are not very profitable. For products that require weight, I prefer to choose the P series because it is very lightweight. P series products, especially in the medical industry, have become a standard series of products after years of customer selection and development.


Indoor patient monitor

Portable Patient Monitor


portable diagnostic instrument

high-end consumer electronics




Note: Only a few models and their drawings are listed here, if you need more information, please go to the download center to download our product manual or contact us.


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  • Shell material PC or PSU Lock style Push pull/Breakaway
    Socket material Brass gold plated Shell size 1,2,3
    Pin material Brass gold plated Contact number 2~26
    Insulator  PPS or PEEK Termination area AWG32~AWG16
    Shell color Black, Grey Termination style Solder/PCB/Crimp
    Mating cycles >2000 Produce technology Turned
    Pin diameter 0.5~2.0 mm Coding number 3
    Temperature range ℃(-55~125) Cable diameter 2.7~10.5mm
    Testing voltage 0.5~1.9(KV) Overmoulding available  Yes
    Current Rated 3~20(A) Salt spray corrosion test 72 Hours
    Humidity 95% to 60℃ Expiration date 5 years
    Resistance to vibration 15g(10~2000Hz) Guarantee  period 12 months
    Shielding efficiency N/A Certifications Rohs/Reach/ISO9001/ISO13485/SGS
      N/A Aplication Medical,testing,Equipment,Communiations
    Climatical category 55/175/21 Where used Indoor
    Shock resistance 6ms,100g Customized service Yes
    Protection index  IP50 Sample available Yes

    (1) What certificate do you have? The company has passed the IS09001 quality management system certification and ISO13485 medical management system certification. All products meet the environmental protection requirements of ROHs and Reach. Some products have obtained CE/UL certification (according to customer requirements). We have our own trademarks and patents. (2) What are the advantages of your products compared with your peers? 1. Delivery time: We have been committed to small batches, high quality and fast delivery. Our standard parts inventory assembly model can greatly shorten the lead time of our products. 2. Advantages of testing and inspection: We attach great importance to the reliability inspection of products in the process of research and development and production. The company has mandatory inspection procedures for each batch of products. The company has a full set of comprehensive testing equipment to ensure product performance. (3)  Can you provide samples for free? Yes, we can provide a small amount of test samples for free according to the project situation, but the freight needs to be borne by the customer. (4) What testing equipment do you have? We take product testing very seriously. We have our own complete set of testing equipment for connectors and cables, such as: constant temperature and humidity testing machine, plug-in life testing machine, waterproof testing machine, gas leakage testing machine, negative pressure testing machine, cable swing testing machine, impedance testing machine, continuity tester, high voltage tester, ROHs tester, coating thickness tester, tensile tester, salt spray tester, etc.