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P series (IP65) push pull connector plastic circular IP50 outdoor used with over-moulding

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P (IP65) series plastic circular connectors are widely used in medical electronics, LED, industrial equipment, outdoor sports equipment and other industries. Some outdoor equipment or products will require at least the requirements of rain resistance, but no requirements for shielding performance. , there are certain requirements for the cost, at this time, the P waterproof series connector is the best choice. It allows customers to get a convenient operation experience of plugging and unplugging. The P waterproof series can also be made very small, does not take up too much space for customer equipment, and has the performance of high and low temperature resistance, and can also work at -55~250 degrees Celsius.

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Plastic P (IP65) series products were developed from the P (IP50) series products, and were initially widely used in the medical industry. Some medical products that need to be stored outdoors or need to be operated outdoors for a long time It is a rain-level connector, and all its product performance standards meet medical standards, including non-toxicity, high temperature sterilization, quick plug-in characteristics, light weight, low cost, and ROHs, REACH and other characteristics. Due to the superior performance of this product and its ability to prevent rain, more and more industries such as LED, outdoor sports equipment, outdoor portable test equipment and other products have also begun to use it. In addition, in many devices, this product is also widely used for power transmission, because it can transmit up to 20A current and 2000V withstand voltage.

 There is a fixed nut on the P (IP65) socket, and a waterproof sealing ring is installed inside, so this socket can only be installed from the outside, from 2 to 14 cores. A sealing ring is also designed at the tail of the plug. At the same time, this product requires injection molding to truly achieve the waterproof level of IP65. If there is no injection molding, the plug cannot be waterproof in a strict sense. In addition to the waterproof function of P (IP65) series products, it also contains all the performance and advantages of P (IP50) series products. The opening size is also the same size. Especially on some outdoor sports equipment, customers like this series very much, it is low cost, strong reliability, light and durable. Its disadvantage is also that there is no shielding function.

4 different positioning can prevent mis-mating.

Up to 2000 times mating cycles.

72 hours salt spray corrosion test.

Vibration resistance is excellent.


    1. Contact number: 2~14
    2. Size:1(Hole size 14.1mm)
    3. High density
    4. Mating cycles >2000
    5. >72Hours salt spray corrosion test
    6. Solder/PCB terminal available
    7. Shell material: PC or PSU
    8. Contact material: brass gold plated
    9. Insulator: PPS/PEEK
    10. Temperature range:-55 ~ 250℃
    11. IP65 protection
    12. 4 kinds of coding。


P (IP65) series products are mainly used in outdoor equipment. Most outdoor equipment has higher requirements for connectors, such as quick plugging in emergency situations, anti-vibration, waterproof, light weight, small size, high density, easy portability, higher reliability, etc.

 Our products all have the above advantages.


Indoor patient monitor

Outdoor Sports Personal Photography Equipment


Portable Outdoor Gas Detection

Portable outdoor rescue medical equipment




Note: Only a few models and their drawings are listed here, if you need more information, please go to the download center to download our product manual or contact us.


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  • Shell material PC or PSU Lock style Push pull/Breakaway
    Socket material Brass gold plated Shell size 1
    Pin material Brass gold plated Contact number 2~14
    Insulator  PPS or PEEK Termination area AWG32~AWG20
    Shell color Black, Grey Termination style Solder/PCB
    Mating cycles >2000 Produce technology Turned
    Pin diameter 0.5~2.0 mm Coding number 3
    Temperature range ℃(-55~125) Cable diameter 2.7~10.5mm
    Testing voltage 0.5~1.9(KV) Overmoulding available  Yes
    Current Rated 3~20(A) Salt spray corrosion test 72 Hours
    Humidity 95% to 60℃ Expiration date 5 years
    Resistance to vibration 15g(10~2000Hz) Guarantee  period 12 months
    Shielding efficiency N/A Certifications Rohs/Reach/ISO9001/ISO13485/SGS
      N/A Aplication Medical,testing,Equipment,Communiations
    Climatical category 55/175/21 Where used Indoor or outdoor
    Shock resistance 6ms,100g Customized service Yes
    Protection index  IP65 Sample available Yes

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