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A Series: IP 68 waterproof aluminum and brass metal 360 degree EMC shielding break away circular connector

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A series connector is a newly developed connector for special occasions. It has the function of easy separation, light weight, reliable contact, strong shock resistance, corrosion resistance, small size and high density. It is mainly used in outdoor individual soldiers. Combat systems or occasions where easy separation is required.

At present, this series only has size 0, and only 3 cores, 9 cores and 16 cores can be selected.

All insulators are made of PEEK material, which can withstand temperature up to 250 degrees Celsius.

If the customer’s equipment has strict requirements on the weight, this series of products can also be selected.

The electroplating color is gun color, which looks very high-end and has a very good texture.

Sample status: Available
Lead time: Within 1 week (In stock products).
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Shipment term: By express delivery, door to door, normally 7~10days.

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The sockets of the A series products are made of aluminum alloy, in order to reduce the weight, or to reduce the weight of the equipment on which it is installed, for example: The weight of the 9-pin socket is only 2.5 grams, which is the copper used in ordinary connectors. Alloy products can not achieve. The plug is still made of commonly used copper alloy. Of course, if the customer has requirements, aluminum alloy can also be used.
A series products have the function of easy separation. The separation force of the plug and socket is generally about 60N, that is to say, the function of the product will not be affected under normal movement and vibration, but in an emergency situation, such as the connector cable is blocked by a tree branch If it is entangled and cannot be escaped, if the connector needs to be separated in an emergency, the easy-to-separate connector can function at this time, and the socket can be separated from the plug by pulling it slightly.
The plug of the A series products adopts an open wire clip, which can be installed with cables with a diameter of less than 8.5mm, and has a special metal ring for crimping the shielding wire, so that the plug can achieve a very effective 360-degree shielding effect. There are also special ground pins on the socket to ensure the shielding effect.
All in all, A series products have their special application functions. In special occasions, it is recommended to use A series connectors, especially on some equipment that is often moved outdoors.

Some Exampl



1.Demateing force: 30~100N
2.Contact number: 3/9/16
3.Work voltage: 300V
4.Current rate:3~10A
5.Excellent shock resistance
6.Mating cycles >5000
7.>96Hours salt spray corrosion test

1.Solder/PCB terminal available
2.Shell material: Aluminum/Brass chrome plated
3.Contact material: brass gold plated
4.Insulator: PEEK
5.Temperature range:-50 ~ 250℃
6.IP68 protection
7.360 degree EMC shielding


U series products are mainly used in the military industry, as well as some very precise devices that require small size of connectors, such as hand-held detectors.




Note: Only a few models and their drawings are listed here, if you need more information, please go to the download center to download our product manual or contact us.


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  • Series: U
    IP68 waterproof,Metal circular,push pull lock, 360 degree EMC connector, High density
    Shell material Brass chrome plated Lock style Push pull
    Socket material Brass gold plated Shell size 00,0
    Pin material Brass gold plated Contact number 2~13
    Insulator  PPS/PEEK Termination area AWG32~AWG16
    Shell color Black, Silver Termination style Solder/PCB
    Mating cycles >5000 Produce technology Turned
    Pin diameter 0.5~2.0 mm Coding number 5
    Temperature range ℃(-55~250) Cable diameter 1~6mm
    Testing voltage 0.5~1.6(KV) Overmoulding available  Yes
    Current Rated 2~10(A) Salt spray corrosion test 96Hours
    Humidity 95% to 60℃ Expiration date 5 years
    Resistance to vibration 15g (10~2000Hz) Guarantee  period 12 months
    Shielding efficiency >95db 在 10MHz Certifications Rohs/Reach/ISO9001/ISO13485/SGS
      >75db 在 1GHz  Aplication Military,testing,Equipment,handset
    Climatical category 55/175/21 Where used Outdoor/indoor
    Shock resistance 6ms,100g Customized service Yes
    Protection index  IP68 Sample available Yes

    (1) Will you infringe others’ patents? We take our brand and reputation very seriously. We have our own R&D and design, and we promise that we will not infringe any patents of others, and our legal advisors will intervene and evaluate products during product development. (2) Can your products be the same or compatible with some of the more famous brands on the market? Are there intellectual property or patent disputes between you? Some of our products can be fully compatible with LEMO, ODU, Fischer, FCI, Hiros, Binder and other group name brands, but our own design can ensure that we will not infringe their patents, and there is no intellectual product dispute between us. (3)  Can you provide samples for free? Yes, we can provide a small amount of test samples for free according to the project situation, but the freight needs to be borne by the customer. (4) Do you have a product MOQ? If yes, what is the minimum quantity? Each type of product will have some differences, generally 10pcs, you can consult our customer service staff for details.

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