connector solutions




R & D and Design

What is your R&D capability?

Our R&D department has a total of 6 people, among which the core R&D personnel have more than 10 years of development experience in the connector industry. We require our R&D personnel to participate in the first-line market and communicate closely with our customers. The advanced research and development mechanism can meet the requirements of customers.

What is your product development idea?

Our product development has a strict process:

Product Ideas and Options

Product Concept and Evaluation

Market research and evaluation

Product Definition and Project Planning

Design and development

Product testing and validation

Target market

What is your R&D philosophy?

Our products are environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, and cost-effective as the core research and development concepts. Environmental protection and reliability are one of the civic awareness that our company is implementing and passing on to the public.

Our products adhere to the concept of reliability first, differentiated research and development, use the best raw materials as much as possible, and adhere to the principle of long service life.

Can you produce according to samples?

Yes, we can produce according to your samples or technical drawings. We can manufacture moulds and fixtures.


What certificate do you have?

The company has passed the IS09001 quality management system certification and ISO13485 medical management system certification. All products meet the environmental protection requirements of ROHs and Reach. Some products have obtained CE/UL certification (according to customer requirements). We have our own trademarks and patents.


Will you infringe others' patents?

We take our brand and reputation very seriously. We have our own R&D and design, and we promise that we will not infringe any patents of others, and our legal advisors will intervene and evaluate products during product development.


What are the advantages of your products compared with your peers?

1. Delivery time: We have been committed to small batches, high quality and fast delivery. Our standard parts inventory assembly model can greatly shorten the lead time of our products.

2. Advantages of testing and inspection: We attach great importance to the reliability inspection of products in the process of research and development and production. The company has mandatory inspection procedures for each batch of products. The company has a full set of comprehensive testing equipment to ensure product performance.

Can your products be the same or compatible with some of the more famous brands on the market? Are there intellectual property or patent disputes between you?

Some of our products can be fully compatible with LEMO, ODU, Fischer, FCI, Hiros, Binder and other group name brands, but our own design can ensure that we will not infringe their patents, and there is no intellectual product dispute between us.

Can you provide samples for free?

Yes, we can provide a small amount of test samples for free according to the project situation, but the freight needs to be borne by the customer.


What is your production process?

1. After the production department receives the assigned production order, the production plan will be arranged.

2. Relevant departments will conduct project review and evaluation as soon as possible to ensure that the production capacity meets customer requirements.

3. Check and confirm the BOM, if there no problem, then material distribution and production equipment debugging.

4. Prepare the corresponding operation documents and confirm by the engineering team.

5. The first sample is produced and confirmed.

6. Mass production.

7. Quality inspection.

8. Packing and storage.

 9. Shipping.

How long is your normal product lead time?

Usually 2-4 weeks

Do you have a product MOQ? If yes, what is the minimum quantity?

Each type of product will have some differences, generally 10pcs, you can consult our customer service staff for details.

What is the monthly output value of the product?

Our company has a wide variety of products, and the normal monthly output of each product is about 50,000 sets.

Quality control

What testing equipment do you have?

We take product testing very seriously. We have our own complete set of testing equipment for connectors and cables, such as: constant temperature and humidity testing machine, plug-in life testing machine, waterproof testing machine, gas leakage testing machine, negative pressure testing machine, cable swing testing machine, impedance testing machine, continuity tester, high voltage tester, ROHs tester, coating thickness tester, tensile tester, salt spray tester, etc.

What is the traceability of your products?

Each batch of products can be traced back to suppliers, ingredient personnel, relevant production teams and testing personnel by production date and batch number, ensuring traceability of any production process.

Can relevant documents be provided?

Yes, we can provide most documents including Certificate of Analysis/Conformance; Insurance; Certificate of Origin and other required export documents.

How are your products guaranteed?

We guarantee our materials and workmanship, our product shelf life is 5 years, and the warranty period for quality problems is 1 year.


Do you guarantee safe and reliable delivery of products?

Yes, we always use high quality packaging for shipping, special packaging and non-standard packaging requirements are also available according to customer requirements, but may incur additional charges.

How about the shipping cost?

The freight depends on the way you choose to get the goods for transportation, the weight of the goods and the destination, we can choose UPS, Fedex, DHL, China Railway, ocean and other transportation methods. For example, if you choose UPS, the price of a 1KG (about 50 metal connectors) shipments to Munich, Germany is about 42USD, and the shipping time is about 8~16 working days.

If you choose China Railway Express or sea freight, the freight will be more cheaper.

Payment method

What payment methods are accepted by your company?

T/T, LC, Cash, Alipay, Paypal, Western Union, Bank Acceptance, etc.

Market and Brand

What markets are your products suitable for?

Our products are mainly used in medical, military, industrial testing, measurement, communication, data acquisition, new energy and other fields

Does your company have its own brand?

Yes, we has our own brand: Bexkom.

What areas does your market mainly cover?

At present, our brand Bexkom series products are sold to nearly 600 users in more than 30 countries including China. Of course, we can also OEM/ODM for customers. Generally speaking, if the quantity is more than 500~1000, we can design special packaging boxes according to the requirements of customers, and even print the LOGO authorized by customers on the products.

What is your development client ranking?

Our current high-quality customers include Philips, GE, Mindray, Carlisle, Hytera, Hokai, Sunray, and other well-known domestic and foreign listed companies and famous brands.

Does your company participate in the exhibition? What exactly?

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19, we have been unable to participate in some foreign exhibitions in recent years, but we have been participating in many domestic exhibitions every year, such as: Connector and Cable Exhibition, National Defense Information Exhibition, Munich Electronics Exhibition, Public Safety Exhibition, China International Medical Expo, etc.


What online communication tools do you have?

Our company's online communication tools include phone, email, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, facebook and WeChat, among others.

What is your complaint hotline and email address?

If you have any dissatisfaction, please send your questions to, or you can call us directly: +86 18681568601, we will contact you within 24 hours, thank you very much for your tolerance and trust.