connector solutions


  • M5/M8/M9/M12/M16/M23/GX IP67 metal and plastic circular connecto

    M5/M8/M9/M12/M16/M23/GX IP67 metal and plastic circular connecto

    M series products are widely used. This product is referred to as “European standard” product. It was originally developed by some large European connector manufacturers such as Pentax and Hummel, etc., but because the product has low cost and high performance, it is easy to batch. Production and other characteristics, it has become one of the circular connectors with a very large number of production worldwide.

    This product is mainly classified according to the diameter of the opening. There are M5/M8/M9/M12/M16/23/GX and other sub-series products, which can be applied to various equipments that have requirements for the opening size. For example, M5 means that the hole size of the socket is 5mm.

    Relatively speaking, this product is used the most in industrial equipment.

    Our products are compatible with some international brands, and even we have developed a variety of novel products, which were not available on the market before.