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  • High Precision RF Coaxial Connector with coax cable

    High Precision RF Coaxial Connector with coax cable

    Coaxial connectors are used to transmit coaxial signals. The main features of our coaxial series connectors are high precision, low impedance, low loss, strong anti-interference ability and stable performance. In some very demanding signal transmission fields, customers may require the use of coaxial connectors to transmit signals, which will have more advantages in signal loss than ordinary electrical signal connector transmission. Some products such as MMCX series are very small in size. If the precision is high, this requires high precision for production equipment, especially CNC equipment, casting equipment, etc. Only on high-end precision manufacturing equipment can high-end precision products be manufactured. product.

    For example, image signal transmission on mobile locomotives, signal transmission between precision equipment, base station transmission signal transmission, communication equipment interface signal transmission, etc. are all different applications of coaxial connectors.