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Bexkom New Product: New Energy High Current Connector

There are always some standard products that cannot meet the needs of customers, there are always some customers who have different needs, and there are always some customers who need to create their own personalized products. Therefore, their requirements for connectors are also different.

In recent years, with the continuous development and utilization of new energy sources, the demand for new energy connectors has also increased. However, it is not an easy task to develop and produce new energy connectors. First of all, most of the new energy connectors require high current and high voltage, and they are often plugged and unplugged during use, which requires the connector to have a good High temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, good elasticity, good coating and other properties. To achieve this, when developing and producing connectors, the selection of materials for new energy connectors, evaluation of coatings, and insertion force There are very high requirements for the requirements of the production process and the precision of the production process.

For example, the base material of the general connector terminal is made of copper alloy, but different types of copper alloys have different current resistance and temperature rise coefficients. The choice of density When the substrate is taller and has better thermal conductivity, its current resistance can reach higher at the same temperature. For the plating layer, silver plating is generally selected, but the thickness of the plating layer, the flatness of the plating layer, the continuity of the plating layer, etc. will affect the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and high temperature resistance of the entire connector. Some high-current terminals with poor quality will turn black or even burnt after a period of use.

in this area. At the same time, we have set high standards for the research, evaluation and testing of the product's heating performance, so that the product's temperature resistance can 
exceed expectations.
The following are some new high-current terminals for new energy connectors. The current of our products can reach between 2A and 240A.

Post time: Feb-17-2023