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New energy industry connectors, as the name suggests, are connectors used in new energy industry products. Products in the new energy industry mainly include electric vehicles, energy storage equipment, photovoltaics, solar energy, wind energy, water energy, electric mechanical equipment, electric scooters and a series of equipment that use new energy instead of old energy as power. Generally speaking, new energy connectors are used to transmit high-current signals, but some of them are also used to transmit control signals at the same time. New energy connectors have high requirements for metal contacts, requiring reliable contact, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high voltage resistance, safety, etc. while transmitting large currents for a long time.

The new energy industry is a new trend in the development of the world, so the requirements for its connectors will also be higher and more.

In this field, we mainly supply connector terminals and some semi-finished products with injection molding.

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Bexkom new energy series connectors mainly use crown springs as core contacts. The crown spring is a mesh-shaped contact body made of flat beryllium copper material after weaving, which has the functions of increasing the contact area, increasing the transmission current, and increasing the shock resistance. The contact reliability of the parts has been greatly improved. The production and installation process of the crown spring is much more complicated than the ordinary pinhole, and it can reach the waterproof level of IP68 and the working current of up to 240A.

 Bexkom new energy series connectors are mainly used in new energy vehicles, energy storage equipment, electromechanical equipment, locomotives, solar energy, wind energy, high voltage transmission equipment, high current transmission equipment and so on. Since each enterprise has different use occasions and use structures for new energy connectors, generally speaking, in addition to the contact body and standard cables, other parts such as shells, structures, and performance parameters are different, so customers require special The probability of customization is also relatively high.

 We can design different types of connectors with different structures and different performances for customers according to their requirements.

Some Example



1.Current rate: 1~240A
2.Contact number: 1~9
3.Work voltage: 1500V
4.Excellent shock resistance
5.Mating cycles >10000
6.>96Hours salt spray corrosion test

1.Solder/crimp/PCB terminal available
2.Shell material: PA66
3.Contact material: brass gold plated/Silver plated
4.Insulator: PA66
5.Temperature range:-50 ~ 150℃
6.IP50~IP protection68


U series products are mainly used in the military industry, as well as some very precise devices that require small size of connectors, such as hand-held detectors.




Note: Only a few models and their drawings are listed here, if you need more information, please go to the download center to download our product manual or contact us.


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  • Series: U
    IP68 waterproof,Metal circular,push pull lock, 360 degree EMC connector, High density
    Shell material Brass chrome plated Lock style Push pull
    Socket material Brass gold plated Shell size 00,0
    Pin material Brass gold plated Contact number 2~13
    Insulator  PPS/PEEK Termination area AWG32~AWG16
    Shell color Black, Silver Termination style Solder/PCB
    Mating cycles >5000 Produce technology Turned
    Pin diameter 0.5~2.0 mm Coding number 5
    Temperature range ℃(-55~250) Cable diameter 1~6mm
    Testing voltage 0.5~1.6(KV) Overmoulding available  Yes
    Current Rated 2~10(A) Salt spray corrosion test 96Hours
    Humidity 95% to 60℃ Expiration date 5 years
    Resistance to vibration 15g (10~2000Hz) Guarantee  period 12 months
    Shielding efficiency >95db 在 10MHz Certifications Rohs/Reach/ISO9001/ISO13485/SGS
      >75db 在 1GHz  Aplication Military,testing,Equipment,handset
    Climatical category 55/175/21 Where used Outdoor/indoor
    Shock resistance 6ms,100g Customized service Yes
    Protection index  IP68 Sample available Yes

    (1) What testing equipment do you have? We take product testing very seriously. We have our own complete set of testing equipment for connectors and cables, such as: constant temperature and humidity testing machine, plug-in life testing machine, waterproof testing machine, gas leakage testing machine, negative pressure testing machine, cable swing testing machine, impedance testing machine, continuity tester, high voltage tester, ROHs tester, coating thickness tester, tensile tester, salt spray tester, etc.  (2) What is the traceability of your products? Each batch of products can be traced back to suppliers, ingredient personnel, relevant production teams and testing personnel by production date and batch number, ensuring traceability of any production process.  (3) Can relevant documents be provided? Yes, we can provide most documents including Certificate of Analysis/Conformance; Insurance; Certificate of Origin and other required export documents.  (4) How are your products guaranteed?  We guarantee our materials and workmanship, our product shelf life is 5 years, and the warranty period for quality problems is 1 year.