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The development direction of electrical connectors

He main supporting fields of electrical connectors include transportation, communication, network, IT, medical care, home appliances, etc. The rapid development of product technology level in the supporting fields and the rapid growth of the market are strongly driving the development of connector technology. So far, the connector has developed into a serialized and specialized product with a complete range of products, rich varieties and specifications, various types of structures, subdivisions of professional directions, obvious industry characteristics, and standard system specifications.

In general, the development of connector technology presents the following characteristics: high-speed and digital signal transmission, integration of various types of signal transmission, miniaturization of product volume, low cost of products, contact termination method table. Paste, module combination, convenient plug-in and so on. The above technologies represent the development direction of connector technology, but it should be noted that the above technologies are not necessary for all connectors. Connectors in different supporting fields and different use environments have complete requirements for the above technologies.

The development of connectors should be miniaturized (due to the development of smaller and lighter products for many products, there are certain requirements for spacing and appearance size and height, and the requirements for products will be more precise, such as the most wire-to-board connectors. Good choice of small pitch 0.6mm and 0.8mm), high density, high speed transmission, high frequency development. Miniaturization means that the center distance of the connector is smaller, and high density is to achieve a large number of cores. The total number of effective contacts of high-density PCB (printed circuit board) connectors is up to 600 cores, and the maximum number of special devices can be up to 5000 cores. High-speed transmission refers to the fact that modern computers, information technology and networking technology require the time-scale rate of signal transmission to reach the megahertz frequency band and the pulse time to reach sub-milliseconds, so high-speed transmission connectors are required. High frequency is to adapt to the development of millimeter wave technology, and RF coaxial connectors have entered the millimeter wave working frequency band.

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Post time: Oct-12-2022